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StrengthBank® For High Schools - A Relationship Skills Initiative

Relational tools so that each teen is awakened to full low tech potential in a high tech, distrations replete world.

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Mentoring Teens From Backpacks to Duffle Bags, Briefcases, and tool belts

Where teenagers discover positive relational skills for each one’s bank of strengths.

Connecting today's and tomorrow's workforce.

StrengthBank® For High Schools - A Relationship Skills Initiative: A developmental process that is a productive, effective, engagement and relationship skills curriculum based on wisdom of the ages and traditional principles of self-understanding. The curriculum mentors each teen to his or her unique, inborn design that when used as designed, renders a fulfilling life regardless of circumstances. One consistent theme is that we need each other and ourselves to be the best of what each is designed to be. Through StrengthBank® strategies learned and experienced with others, each student is given the chance to be confirmed in and connected with his or her StrengthBank.® From being respected, students learn to respect; from receiving help, students learn to give help; from being heard, students learn to listen.

Definition: StrengthBank® (each one’s bank of strengths) is the plan for each life that will prosper and not harm, give hope and a future. Other curriculum tenets are similarly defined, that is, based on timeless, foundational truths.
Mission: To instill StrengthBank® into every high school student’s heart to be lived out into productive adult lives who contribute to the greater good regardless of each one’s occupation and calling.

With the curriculum coming out in 2015 as a book for teens entitled: Face-To-Face Talk; How do I fit in without losing me?, the home school and alternative school markets have greater options than community mentors. Instructor training and leaders guide available with the new book revision for Home School teacher and/or alternative school teacher/facilitator.

Target Audiences
1. Alternative schools, Home Schools, public and private high school students.
2. Local community, businesses who will allow their employees to mentor in the local high school, and community leaders who share timeless and traditional values.
3. High school principals who will allow mentors to come in during advisory periods, let the community be involved.
High School Students Benefit From Mentoring For Character Development vs To A “Character” Program:
How we differ from “similar” programs: We understand that character is not a lesson to learn but a developmental process that comes from living through and surviving positively the struggles in life; character is not a collection of lessons but a developmental process that has a standard of good. We are a living curriculum of everyday moments matched up to the eternal perspective, i.e., there is a purpose for being here and living out that purpose is the path to success and fulfillment.

StrengthBank® Mentors And Teachers Benefit:
StrengthBank® Mentors and participating high school StrengthBank® faculty members testify that participating in StrengthBank® Talk Groups or the StrengthBank® elective class not only enhances their relational skills for better real-time parenting and workplace relationship skills but also allows them to focus better strategies in ongoing career and hiring decisions. Additionally, each experiences a powerful, unique connection to the community.
Stronger Youth • Stronger Businesses • Stronger Communities
Positive relationship building connects high school education to its extended life as corporate productivity.
Business People Answer The Call To “Be A StrengthBank® Mentor!”

An opportunity to “mentor” high school youth specifically and meaningfully. StrengthBank® brings renewing, energizing hope to the mentors as well as mentees.

Companies spend nearly $3 billion annually on community volunteer programs and increasingly link such efforts to business goals:
• Better internal communication/ interpersonal skills, customer loyalty, brand image, recruitment.
• Better new hires and more employee retention.
Business and Community Benefits:
• Communities who are better known to each other have a safer, stronger, more personal connection. The
youth-community-business connection manifests itself as a crime prevention and “homeland security” measure.
• Business people gain greater job satisfaction from the very Strengthbank® strategies mentored to youth.
• Business gains higher engagement and productivity; youth engages in more positive futures.
StrengthBank® Talk Groups In High Schools
StrengthBank® For High Schools-A Relationship Skills Initiative parallels “business” goals for education:
• Fewer dropouts, addictive behaviors, gangs, teen pregnancies, violent acts.
• More graduates, student engagement and teacher retention.
Through engagement, relationships are the fundamental power sustaining business productivity and
high school academic achievement.

We are mentoring teens to their full relational potential in a distractions-loaded world.